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Vanilla Bean in Bulk
Vanilla Bean in Bulk
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This is vanilla by the oz. Comes in tied bundles of 1 oz each. This is considered artisan grade A.

Vanilla is considered the second most expensive spice in the world, only preceded by saffron, since it is essential especially in confectionery and, it is a proudly Mexican ingredient!

Its main crop takes place in Papantla, an area that enjoys an ideal climate for its reproduction, it should be mentioned that this orchid can not be pollinated by itself, for which many insects helped to move the pollen. However, when the process was discovered it began to be done manually, being a work exclusively of young women and castes, who until a few years ago could be observed in the fields of Papantla, traditionally dressed in white.

Vanilla spread through different parts of the world, trying to cultivate in some countries failed. Currently Madagascar and Indonesia exceed the production of our country thanks to the similarity of the climate.

The quality of Mexican vanilla is par excellence the best in the world, in addition, it has a Denomination of Origin, for which Papantla is known as "The city that perfumes the world".

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