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Pure Vanilla Fiber Capsules
Pure Vanilla Fiber Capsules
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This is 100% organic 100% ground vanilla bean fiber. No additives.
This vanilla is grown in the mountains of Papantla, Mexico. This particular vanilla has the highest concentration of vanillin content then any other vanilla in the world.
Papantla vanilla is the first place in the world where vanilla was found. It is considered the worlds best vanilla. Although marketing and quantities are limited compared to thailand or malaysian vanilla. It is the most sought after and most expensive vanilla in the world. Madagascar and Mexico making the best quality. Indonesian and Tahitian vanilla is weaker and considered inferior.

These vanilla beans come straight from the growers and it is the reason we can manufacture vanilla fiber at this price.
Pure Ground Vanilla is considered a great source of fiber.
From the time of the Aztecs, vanilla was considered an aphrodisiac. This reputation was much enhanced in 1762 when a German study found that a medication based on vanilla extract cured impotence — all 342 smiling subjects claimed they were cured.
It was also once believed that vanilla was a febrifuge, used to reduce fevers, though it is rarely used for any medicinal purposes other than as a pharmaceutical flavoring.

Vanilla fiber can be used to flavor your food as well as sprinkling some on your cereal or on desserts. Vanilla fiber can retains its smell for several years. 

For a healthy diet eat fruits and vegetables, eat fiber and 3 liters of water everyday. One hour of physical activity. Avoid fat's and soft drinks.
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100% Ground Vanilla Bean Fiber
60 capsules

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Wow I feel so GoodI make tea with your product in the evenings. Vanilla tea from your vanilla powder. I sip on it and when I'm done, I eat the left-over fiber. Within minutes I go to the bathroom regular. During the day and between meals I take your capsules.
When I really noticed is the second day from starting when I go to the bathroom and so much waste comes out. Its weird to think so much stuff stays in our bodies that we don't get rid of on a regular basis. I have lost inches around my waist, I feel lighter and more energized. I swear by your product to all my girlfriends.
Written by Deborah on Tue 10 Nov 2009 10:50:10 AM GMT
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