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Filter used in Food processing to make vanilla extract
Filter used in Food processing to make vanilla extract
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Vanilla is a cash crop everywhere in the world. We are growers, distributors and exporters. We make vanilla extract for several US, Canada, and European market companies. We also sell in bulk for low price and we often get asked about extraction equipment etc for people and companies who want to make and sell their own vanilla extract. However, there is no fancy extraction process. There are no machines for that. Its a slow and steady process that just takes time and patience. However, the trick to making a high quality extract that can be used as food and pass all food inspection protocols is a clean room to do your extraction. We get asked several times a month about what air filters to use during their vanilla extraction and bottling. We use these ULPA HEPA filters that are approved for food use. We decided to make them available for purchse for our customers who buy in bulk from us who make their own vanilla extract for re-sale.
 These filters include shipping in the price and they are 24" x 24" x 3". Also available in 6" thick.
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