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About Us
About Us

In the Vanilla business for over a century!

We have been doing bussiness with Vanilla for over a century. We are the 4th generation in the family involved in the production of fine vanilla selling worldwide to the worlds largest transnational companies who bottle sodas, spices, and gourmet food products.

 The products we sell on this site have been used by many friends, family, and locals with incredible feedback!!! Just by words of mouth our vanilla fiber products have reached customers in Europe and Canada wanting us to sell and ship to them. Sending us words of praise of how well this product makes them feel. Luckily this product sells itself and with this gateway online we can reach more people who can benefit from this great product mother nature has given us!

We are based off San Antonio, Texas where we bottle all our vanilla. However all our vanilla beans are 100% authentic from Papantla, Mexico. Where the world's best vanilla is grown.

We do not buy our vanilla from a distributor, we grow our own and have our own family inherited secrets which is why we can provide you such high quality vanilla bean fiber at these prices.

Refund Policy

Only if an item arrives damaged will we replace an item. We do not give refunds. Our items are all natural and they are what they are. If you are allergic to vanilla in any form please do not order.
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